When you look at your friends faces, what do you see? A story, or a helpless end? Do you think of their hair, or make up… Or where their soul lies?

Sitting in a school library, looking at the faces of people I barley know and seeing the lost.

Do I care that I know the girl to my left is not going to be welcomed into my Father’s house on that day? Where is my righteousness when it comes to that?

The fount that overflows, stops with me…

Why does it take a song to stir my heart? We are a people of complacency and arrogance. When do we stop and just think “that person may never see heaven, but can I be used by God to change that?” As I write that, my heart pounds in my chest and fear grips my mind.

How can I?

Three words, just three words which stop us where we are, dead.

We are meant to be living! What use are we to a dying world if we too are as cold as death, too embarrassed to take out our bibles in public, too fearful of the unknown… Too afraid to tell that one person Jesus loves them.

But what would people say? What would my reputation be like? No. What would God say? What will God say when we stand before him with the weight of these people on our shoulders because we were too afraid or ‘busy’ to share the love of Christ with them.

I’m as guilty as they come. In every aspect if my life, I turn to this world, I find comfort in things that really and truly give nothing more than limitless content. I don’t want to be content, I want to be ravished in joy and peace as my life is shaped and moulded to be a disciple maker, an estate agent of Heaven, letting people see the place where they could one day live.

Every so often I get in a state of frustration. I get annoyed and angered when a realisation of our fallen world comes to my attention. Let me explain: I have been reading the book ‘Radical’ by David Platt (an incredibly blunt and precise piece of work illustrating our true call as Christians to avoid the ‘American dream’ in our Christianity) and while many topics are raise, over the past two days the topic of wealth has appeared. We know all too well the story of the rich young man in Luke 18:18-23 and how when instructed to sell all he had and follow Jesus, so he may inherit the kingdom of Heaven, went away ‘disheartened and sorrowful for he had great possessions’.

So when we look at our churches, with grand multi million pound/dollar properties and our extensive concerts and events that we are ‘proud’ of, do we even consider the 21,000-26,000 children today who will die from lack of clean water and food. Or maybe the young teenage guy in the easily accessible Africa who’s brain at this moment is becoming deformed due to a lack of essential food. Nearly half the world live on less than $2 a day. That is less than what I spent on a hot chocolate today! What do THESE things say about our understanding and love for Christ? How do our lives look biblically under these statements?

So I tried to see the value of both church properties in America and also the UK, but surprisingly (not) there are very few accurate calculations not to mention many that say it’s impossible as it’s wealth is so great. However it is estimated in America for the church to be worth over $230 Billion dollars, so to include the UK and other countries we are looking at least over $500 Billion in property alone. Now this is not directed at the church as a building alone, my own life and yours too need to be examined in the light of this brutal truth!

Are our churches giving the extra and leftover time and money to the poor or are they doing whatever it takes?

I believe today, it’s our churches (in many cases) that keep us from sharing the truth and love of Christ! The four walls of our churches and meeting places are destroying our walk with God, and they’re also physically killing and sending millions to hell as a result of what they stop. However it will not be the church building on trial before God for this, it will be us!

In 1517, Martin Luther took a stand against the corrupt and thieving Catholic Church with his Ninety-five Theses nailed to the door of the chapel. His teaching of salvation not by works but by faith alone, is what lead to the protestant movement. I think it’s time for some church doors to be banged upon and for the true organic and people centred Christianity to make an appearance, and stay for good.

Calvin once said the church should give half its money to the poor. To us this seems absurd, although I know when I stand before God he is not going to say “I wish you hadn’t given so much money away”. It’s time for Christians to stand and rebuke the church (only after prayer and in obedience to God) in many aspects of its life. Correction should take place daily in church life and any single person should be able to raise concerns.

I’m not going to attack minister’s pay rolls as quite frankly only they can change that, I also can’t condemn anyone when my life doesn’t exactly show modesty in the world. However, I am committed to changing my lifestyle and pushing in every way the Lord allows me to see the church stand up to the task of fighting poverty. The outward actions to the needy, sick and ‘lowest of the low’ are reflections of our understanding and love for Christ, as he said so in Matthew 25: 35-40.

Stand with me, ask God what he wants you to do, even if you stand alone. Please don’t your face from things real and obvious. To all church groups, all brothers and sisters in faith, this is for you.

‘Seek the will of God, radically change lives by radically standing out and live like you have nothing to lose.’

I always imagined my baptism would be in ‘my’ church which I would settle in. I pictured it with friends and family and definitely not for a while to come. I was baptised as a child but I believe that Christians should be baptised as Jesus was. I knew what the bible said about baptism. It is meant to be done as soon as the believer comes to faith, the early church didn’t wait around.

I went to my uncle’s church on the night of Easter Sunday to see him, my aunt and their daughter get baptised along with 24 others. At the begging before the baptisms started the pastor announced that at the end if anyone else wanted to be baptised there would be an opportunity, so I prayed and felt I wasn’t meant to respond so I sat there contently.

My aunt and uncle were the first to be baptised along with my cousin. It was nice. Seeing them take this step forward in their faith. One after one the guy in the pulpit read out a promise (a verse in the bible) and they were baptised. After a few people I started to hear God calling me out. My whole family were in the same pew as me, mum, dad, brother and grandparents. Had I not said I wanted my baptism to be surrounded by family? Well yes, but, what about in a church I would stay in?

The baptisms went on and my spirit was moving, this was a big step! I sat and prayed and continued to witness professions of faith through baptism. And then I remembered back to what I had heard on Friday night at a meeting about community. This was community and it didn’t really matter where I got baptised. I wasn’t being baptised into the church but into the community of Christ.

It came to the last guy and my heart was racing! From what I’ve learnt in my two years of walking with Christ intimately, it is that when you become afraid or doing something, it’s usually the thing you’re meant to do. Could I do this?

The last guy went under, and then he remerged. Who’s next? The Pastor looked around, and said “Now is there anyone else who wants to be baptised tonight?” Now knowing God was challenging me. I had no excuse. I turned in my seat and said to me dad in the best held together voice I could manage, “I’m a way to get baptised here.” I made my way down the stairs and to the pool at the front, in sight of hundreds of people. I tapped the pastor on the shoulder and asked “Can I get baptised?” He looked at me confused and in a few seconds I had my shoes and jacket off. I heard claps and shouting but I was more concerned about not being able to talk. He asked if I wanted to say a few words and I spoke for about 30 seconds, most of which I can’t remember, however I do recall near choking at one point. I finished speaking and crossed my arms, this was it! No turning back! After he spoke for a second I was under the water, I came up to applauding and laughing. I was immerged not only in water but also in joy. Had this actually happened?

I went upstairs and waited for a change of clothes from a guy in the church and as I walked into the minsters room I was met by half naked guys grinning and laughing. That might seem strange and rather humorous to you and it was, but it was class!! We laughed and talked while changing and joked about. I had just randomly got baptised! Like, talk about spontaneous. I was on a high and two days later as I sit in a café with an overly charged hot chocolate I couldn’t care less. “I baptize you with water for repentance. But after me comes one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.” I was no different on the outside but my spirit and soul said differently. I am a new creation and in that I find my identity. The guy in the pulpit read out this verse for me ‘Take delight in the lord and he will give you the desires of your heart’ Psalm 37:4.

I was also met with a sobering thought. As I’ve shared in a previous post, I know emotions are not fact but that night, yesterday and even today, feel the lack of community with Christians. I have friends. I have family but I do not have those who I could confidently turn to, which I will need for the times I fall down. However I know and believe God will allow me that and I am seeing it happen even now J

I couldn’t describe to you in words what I feel like but I’ll give it a go.

It’s like all doubts, all fear, all confusion has been washed away. It was by no mere chance I was there in that church with my family on Easter Sunday and it was no lies God calling me out. I went. I did as the Bible instructs and I saw what it means to feel community. God’s face shines on his people, baptised or not. However I got baptised because I knew he was calling me to do it.

Jesus rose on Easter Sunday, and I can’t think of a better occasion to get baptised no matter how random it seemed. God is a God of laughter and humour and he definitely made me rethink my thoughts of God.

Zephaniah 3:17 “The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing.”

My God sings over me! WHAT!?!? Yea I know, I didn’t believe it either but then again I didn’t think I’d be baptised on Sunday night. He is never changing, however much he reveals himself to us and no matter how ignorant our hearts can be.

God Bless

When I first heard this powerful song I saw more of the precious gift Christ poured out for us.
stick with it till the end and listen to the lyrics.

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I looked up into the sky in front of me. The near full Moon illuminating the sky, shedding it’s dim light on the slippy and bumpy foot path I was trying to stay upright on. I love stars and the night sky but I have never fully appreciated them until tonight; to be honest it wasn’t even really any different to any other night, there weren’t any more stars and they didn’t seem brighter, however they still struck me as immensely attractive.I started to see what I’ve never seen in them before. Something that held my attention and my thoughts.

As Christians we are like stars, some of us cling together, in large clusters while some are scattered far and wide across the vast sky.  Some of us have the ability to shine brighter and grab the attention of others and lead from the front. While others sit patiently, glorifying God in the small actions and humility that Christ showed as he washed the feet of those he loved, and one who would betray him.

Stars die. Just like we do. Although did you know if the closest star to earth was to die it would take around 4 years for it’s light to die out. Quite frankly that blows my mind, that something so small and irrelevant to use has the ability to continue to light our skies even after it dies. To me that should be the goal of every Christian who loves Jesus. A group of believers who do not fear death and who will leave behind them a trail of love and a life so transformed by the love of Christ that people won’t be able to deny they were blessed to know their saviour. That is what I see when I look in the sky, each one representing a descendent of Abraham.

Moses, Joseph, Daniel and even Jesus looked up and saw the same stars we see today. A never ending painting of pure excellence and beauty. But, that isn’t even the best part!

When I got home I watched a video of a Pastor recite the whole book of Hebrews making me want to take up a challenge to get to know God by ‘hiding your word in my heart so I might not sing against you’. As I searched for what book I would attempt to learn off by heart, I was taken back as I read these verses.

 Philippians 2:14-16 ‘Do everything without complaining or arguing, 15 so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God withought fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe 16 as you hold out the word of life — in order that I may boast on the day of Christ that I did not run or labour for nothing.’ (NIV)

Beautiful 🙂

God is the Master of complexity and our lives are his prized creation, not that we earned any of it, but by his grace we are saved 🙂



I love to read, in an everlasting copy of a person’s thoughts, the rhythm of words formulated in their mind, and the greatest ideas of men and women inked onto paper, to be read by many. As I write this, I imagine how hundreds of years ago, under flickering candle light, the tips of their feather pen leaving behind black swirls of brilliance on stained sheets of paper, their eyes straining to see the place which belongs to the next sacred word. When I think of the bible, I see a tired, worn out Paul. In one instance, he has just received a scroll from Corinth, stating how they have been having arguments and starting to experience separation within the church. I can see the wrinkles on his face, the depth of them showing his pain and heart break for God’s church, can his Spirit filled letter be enough?

 As he writes, or as someone helps him write, due to his old age, I can feel the desire to be with them, not to be angry, but to lovingly correct and aid in the sanctification and building up of God’s church. He wrote to send his advice, his instruction and in turn, show them what Jesus would have taught them. He used the simplicity of his hands to turn a whole church away from the darkness that wanted and still does, to take us from our mighty God. As the spirit allows him, he speaks of truth, of power and of the light which battles against the darkness.

Brothers and sisters, I would encourage you to write a letter, maybe to a loved one, or to the guy who no one talks to, or to the girl who is down or just not engaging with others, the father who seems worn, the pastor who gives so much, and just needs a word to encourage and ignite his flame. Words on a piece of paper are so simple, but can effect a person in a way you could never imagine. Just do it. Take a risk and what have you to lose? Ask God what to write, I know that at times a simple letter or even post it note is enough to touch my heart in a way only words given by God could do J God on, if you change a person’s day/week/month/life, guess what, you’ve changed the world J

God Bless and keep ‘er lit 🙂

Who is my God?

He’s the God of Joy, Love and Peace, against such things there is no law.

He’s the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.

He’s the rest to the heavy laden.

He’s the strength I can’t provide.

He’s my God.

His Heavenly host fill the sky with sweet songs of praise.

His plans are good, plans to prosper and not to harm.

His judgment is patient, not wanting anyone to perish.

His rod leads me by the still waters, through paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

He’s my God.

When I fall down he holds me.

When I lose hope he sends me a word, a simple reminder of who he is.

When I knock He answers and when I ask, he gives onto me what I need.

When I face trails I can rejoice in his name, for he is greater than he who is in the world.

He’s my God.

I am his masterpiece, a one of a kind.

I am being moulded every day, to be more like Jesus.

I am going to love like Him, to bring his love to the ‘unlovable’.

I am on my knees…

He is my God.

With the new year, comes the usual ‘What was good? What was bad? What must I change?’, and reflecting on my year and my investment with time, I have really seen that although I know I want to change the way I spend my time, I always fail at it. But it takes a day, a week or even months, I always find myself in my same old ‘trapped’ state. What is spending 4-5 hours a day on Facebook going to do for me? What is watching just one more episode of The Big Bang Theory going to aid me in? Nothing. Nothing.

How can I sit on the couch, watch 3-4 hours of T.V and still ‘not have enough time for God?’ It is something most Christians, if not all struggle with, and I hate promising God ‘tomorrow will be different’ and end up forgetting the promises I made to him. I am a failure at times… but I know how to change, the big bit is putting it into action. Psalm 119:11 says ‘I have hidden your word in my heart so that I might not sin against you’, my new years resolution and in fact, my life resolution, is to live by this verse. To get to know Christ so much more, to fall in Love with him again, we can’t complain about not hearing, knowing or ‘feeling’ God when we don’t even know his word or will for us. You can’t separate a person from their voice, and if you want to get to know a person, you have to talk to them, listen and trust.

So to everyone who reads this (hopefully, time well spent) post, I pray you make a decision to break free of this technology based society, and step into a God filled lifestyle. To spend more time with God than you do your T.V. Don’t continue to use the excuse ‘I have no time’ like I have done myself for so long, break free of it with me :)

God bless Brothers and Sisters


I was outside a shop today, getting something from my bag and I was startled by a 70-80 year old guy, an he said to me “I once say a young man like you, down by the stream at my fathers farm” and I was thinking ‘ok going to get a good story here’ But then he said something that made me listen more intensively, “and it was that day that God showed me how he died for a sinner like me, he showed me what he saved me from down there” and I’m smiling as I had been thinking about what Jesus had done for me on the cross, while we were still singers Christ died for us (Romans 5:8) and he told me how great God was and was a real blessing 🙂 praise God that even when we get older, God still loves us just as much as he did that day as he died brutally on the cross. So we said fair well and I left with a smile 🙂

Someone has said that if you want to know how much you love God, think of of the Christian you love least, an you have the answer. As John wrote
1 John 4:20-21
20 ‘If anyone says, “I love God,” yet hates his brother, he is a liar. For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen. 21 and he ha given us this command: whoever loves God must also love his brother.